The Fiduciary Standard

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Hello, I am a fiduciary financial advisor with a passion for serving individuals and families per haps just like yours. After many years of working for the big investment corporations, I decided to establish my own independent practice to ensure my clients’ interests are always first and to provide them with financial planning in a transparent and personal way.

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Jose Silva, MBA, AAMS®
Founder & CEO


Only fiduciary financial advisors are legally and ethically required to put your best interest before their own. According to the Cornell Law Dictionary*, “A fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care.”

Non-fiduciaries are merely held to the suitability standard with less stringent requirements and ethical demands. Industry estimates show that 85% of financial advisors do not have a fiduciary responsibility.


*U.S. News & World Report, March 21, 2018

We look at your whole financial picture

As it applies to optimizing one’s own health, in order to attain and maintain a strong financial base, it’s important that all the different areas of your financial picture be planned and manage. Our holistic approach to financial planning analyzes, plans and implements the six main areas of personal finance: Cash Management, Risk Management, Investment Plan, Tax Plan, Retirement Plan, and Estate Plan.

Our six steps to financial planning

1. Establish Advisor-Client Relationship


2. Gather Data and Determine Goals


3. Analyze and Evaluate Client’s Complete Financial Status


4. Develop and Present the Financial and Investment Plan


5. Implement the Financial and Investment Plan


6. Monitor the Financial and Investment Plan


What We Can Do For You

Financial Planning

To integrate the different components of your financial picture to provide clarity and a plan of action.


To align portfolio with clients’ comfort with risk through our RSS Risk Score Synchronization.

Tax Planning

To be proactive and plan throughout the year how to minimize the tax burden.

Retirement Planning

To generate the most viable scenarios for retirement and review the changes required to achieve them.

Estate Planning

To ensure your wishes are fulfilled when you are no longer able to make sure they are.

Risk Management

To formulate risk mitigation strategies through insurance planning.

Cash Management

To obtain a clear and complete view and understanding of your personal cash flow and how it impacts your financial picture.

Private Equity Real Estate

To deeply diversify your portfolio with real estate.

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